Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Year Right Here

everyday glimpses

This weekend marked one year of our family living in London. It feels like it's been longer, while at the same time feeling like we are still so new. I still get excited every time I see the Tower Bridge, even though I see it at least twice a week. I don't know if it will ever stop being a wonder that we managed to end up here. We wanted this for so long, tried for it, thought about ending up elsewhere, and kept coming back to this being the place for us.

Now here we are, one year in. Settled. We've got our usual haunts, but there are plenty of places yet to be discovered. We've figured out a lot of things that seemed baffling at first, and we've shrugged our shoulders at some things that didn't make sense to us, but that we decided we could figure out later. It's been a year full of learning, of adjusting, of figuring out what it means to be who we are in this city. I am happy to be on the other side of our very first year, to feel very much that this is home, and to know that my children feel that way, too.

We moved here for many reasons, and we are happy that we did. It is a risk, to move so far and at such great expense, but we felt it was a risk worth taking. On the other side of our first year, I'm relieved to say that it's working out just fine. Our life here is so much of what we hoped it would be, and we can wait for the rest of our small hopes to be realized. This year has been a good year, and there are still more years to come.

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