Thursday, January 4, 2018

Resume the Usual

Today I dragged us back into the routine of regular education. We needed it, all three of us. My oldest had taken to remaining in her bed until noon over the holiday break, then being unable to go to sleep at a reasonable hour at night, and my youngest was suffering from lack of a predictable routine and had become somewhat combative when things weren't going her way. So we had a reading lesson, plus history and literature. Everyone was eager to get started, and I think we all felt better about ourselves afterwards.

Next week the children will be back to their usual extracurricular lessons, I will resume organizing a fortnightly home education meet up, and life will be back to our version of normal. While I've got some goals and plans for 2018 that I'm excited about, mostly what I like about the new year is getting back to the same old things. It feels good to get back down to the business of home educating life. Comfortable. Familiar. Good.

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