Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Small Big Reminders

I got this fancy schmancy gigantic Orla Kiely canister, and now I mostly feel motivated to keep my kitchen clean. I say mostly because today I was not motivated. I was out of the house. But it's the absolute truth that having something nice in my kitchen makes me want to make the rest of it look nice enough for this thing to reside in. I'm not sure if that's problematic or not, but I'm going to say it's a good thing.

The story of this canister is kind of funny. I saw it, fell in love with it, and assumed I couldn't afford it because the small canisters cost £25, and I wasn't willing to spend even that much. The price wasn't listed anywhere that I could find it, and I assumed that it would be more than the smaller containers. So I walked away. But then I couldn't stay away, and walked into the store the next day to ask someone how much it cost. And what do you know? It was on super duper last chance clearance sale for £15.80. I had that amount to spend without putting us into a minor financial crisis, so I bought it. It's meant to have teff flour in it, but I've been spending so much time keeping the rest of the kitchen clean that I haven't had time to wash this out and put the teff flour in it. So it just sits there, looking pretty.

I think that's fine. Don't argue with me; I will just disagree.

But I do find it interesting that something small like this can be such an inspiration. Well, it's large, but still. It is not a big deal to have this - or is it? Here is something that I thought I would have to forego in the interest of stable family finances, which I assumed was out of reach to someone like me. But then it wasn't! And this, above all else, gives me hope. Hope for the day to day and hope for the bigger things I'd like to happen but that seem entirely out of reach. This canister is a reminder that sometimes, we get what we want, if we will be bold enough to ask for it. That doesn't mean it isn't still a gift, of course. But the asking was important.

So much of what I have wanted, I have gotten by asking. Surely I have heard some firm NOs, but overall, I am living a charmed life. And as silly as it may seem, this canister is a visible reminder of that. Maybe I have to wait to order my dream shoes, maybe we can't yet afford to purchase a house here in London (oh, but I'd love to be able to buy the one we are currently living in), but here we are in the city where we always wanted to live, in a house that is more than I could have hoped to afford, and my children are learning and growing and loving one another. We travel a little. We have three cats and lots of friends and everything we need, plus a lot of things that we simply want.

At this moment, I really couldn't ask for more. Because I already did, and I got it.

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  1. I love your perspective. A mindest of gratitude is so wonderful and nourishing.

    May you walk in beuaty, Kirstin


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