Thursday, December 31, 2015

Exit 2015

at hampton court palace (again)

I kept forgetting that today was New Year's Eve. We don't do much for this day anymore, and to be honest, I never cared much about whether I did something epic or not. This year feels like one day slipping into another, the usual, kids asleep and a few things to finish up before I go to bed myself. I think that this year especially seems anticlimactic because for once we didn't do anything huge or life changing during the year. 2015 was just...normal. Every year leading up to this has held at least one big life event.

2014 was the year we moved to London. 2013 saw our E through two major surgeries. 2012 was when E joined our family. 2011 was the year we moved from the Midwest to San Francisco. 2010 was when Z appeared on the scene and made us parents. It feels like 2015 returned us the state we were in for a couple of years before all this excitement, and I think 2016 will be much the same. We are in the preparation stage, the get things done and figure things out stage. Because the big dreams are waiting, but there is work to be done first.

2016 will find me looking for work I can do after the kids are in bed. It will be a year of refining our budget and of a little travel and of a lot of good things, probably. Despite the lack of big excitement, 2015 certainly held enough goodness and wonder to make the mundane things seem worthwhile. And so we flow from one year of preparation into another. I firmly believe that we are on our way to making big dreams come true. The work will be hard, but the work will be good, and I am ready.

Come on, 2016. Let's go.

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