Friday, September 14, 2018

The Weekend! At Last!

I realize that saying "at last" when Monday was technically spent on holiday may seem a bit silly. But can we just agree that the worst part of going on vacation is getting back home? It took all of Monday to haul ourselves and our luggage from Nice back to London. We were worn out by the end of it, and then we jumped right into a busy schedule on Tuesday, with plenty to get done as the week progressed. I felt a lot like I was in an alley, walking steadily toward the light at the end.

But we did it. I completed every necessary task I set out for myself this week. The kitchen is a bit of a disaster, and my desk and the surrounding area...well, let's not talk about it. But we got through our first homeschool meet up of the term (a big task for me since I am the one organizing and facilitating it), and we started our homeschool year officially, and everyone got fed and has clean laundry, and - much to my delight! - my autumn clothing is now in my wardrobe.

Tomorrow, I'll have my usual Saturday break, and that will put everything right in my little home world. I am happy to give up my weekly break during a family holiday, but it does make a difference in my patience and my overall wellness, so it is good to get back to it. I've still got to send one more email and then get my kids to bed tonight, but tomorrow I'll be officially out of the weekday alley and into the weekend sun.

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