Saturday, December 15, 2018

Our New Addition

Yesterday was busier than anticipated, at least in the hours after noon. This is the reason that I didn't manage to post. There was hair to do and dinner to make, and J was at a Christmas party, so I gave up my computer so the children could watch a movie after dinner and not feel like they were missing out on fun that someone else was having. Blogging from my phone is a no go, so I just didn't do it. I considered just letting it go and posting again on Monday, but I can't wait that long to introduce you to someone. She's very special.

Friends, I am overjoyed to announce the arrival of our new family member, Buttercup. She has been longed for since I had to leave my previous yellow KitchenAid in the USA due to voltage differences. I briefly considered getting a KitchenAid of a different color, because other colors were cheaper, but I couldn't do it. I'd just be disappointed every time I looked at it. With Buttercup, I only feel happiness.

All joking aside (and I'm not joking about calling her Buttercup), I am very happy to have a KitchenAid mixer again. I got a serviceable stand mixer when we arrived here, but we were on a budget, so I couldn't spend much. We were replacing all our small electrical items at one time, and a KitchenAid would've used up the entire budget I'd set out for that.

The cost of the KitchenAid is entirely justified, in my opinion, as it functions so much better than any other stand mixer I've used (and definitely better than my own two arms), but that doesn't mean that I could just go out and buy one. So I made do with a basic mixer that had good reviews on Amazon, and it was fine. Some tasks were harder and/or more annoying, but it was okay. I'd rather live in London and not have a KitchenAid than not live in London and have one. But now I get to have my cake and eat it too, it appears. I assumed that I wouldn't have a KitchenAid for another couple of years, at least. But J offered to pool his birthday money with my birthday money to get one, and so here she is. I am endlessly grateful.

Welcome home, Buttercup. You are a dream come true.

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