Friday, December 21, 2018

We're Going to Need More Butter

I mistakenly thought that three of these blocks of butter, at 250 grams each, would be plenty for our Christmas needs. Ha! It's barely enough for the triple batch of sugar cookies and assorted frostings we need in order to be Christmas ready with our treats for Santa and for Christmas liturgy at church. But don't worry, I got eight different types of sprinkles. We're all set with that. However, judging by the catastrophe I turned my kitchen into (see spilled nuts and flour above), I also might need a maid before all is said and done.

We are now fully into the throes of Christmas activities. We don't have tons, but we have plenty of traditions we like to keep, and those take time and effort. I also have taken a job over Christmas, so there's that to attend to.

Yes, a job.

Over Christmas!

But don't worry, it is nothing too taxing. I have become a professional cat sitter. With online booking and insurance and everything! I will be looking after two British shorthairs beginning tomorrow, and an elderly tuxedo cat with a thyroid problem beginning on Christmas Eve. I like all the cats and their owners quite a lot, and while the scheduling on Christmas Day might be a bit of a juggle, I'm happy to do the work and earn a little extra money.

I'm not sure how often I'll come here to write next week. We've hit pause on most of our usual things, but I might still feel like doing this usual thing. I will keep you posted. Pun intended.

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