Monday, January 7, 2019

Genna! And the End of the Holiday Season

Our small celebration of Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) was just perfect for this year. We celebrated one day early, as it suited us better to celebrate on a weekend. I made mostly mild food instead of spicy, for the sake of E, who does not like spicy things just yet. There is so much that is not meant for her, or that she has to wait for while everyone else enjoys it, since she is the youngest. I remember this feeling, of always coming last in some way, and so I am trying to do more things that include everyone. We all like the mild wots, so I made mild wots. Doro alicha, atiklett, gomen, and shiro that was just a tiny bit spicy, in case she wanted to give it a go. (She did not.) It tasted good. Our guest hadn't had Ethiopian food before and loved it. Z put extra berbere on some things for herself and was satisfied. It was just right.

Today we got back to our normal. We did school lessons, we visited our neighbor, we took E to ballet. With two activities after lessons, there wasn't time to take down the Christmas tree or pack away the other decorations, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. But overall, we had a normal day, and that felt like a relief. While we didn't get to the point of forgetting what day of the week it was over the Christmas season, by the end everything felt a bit disjointed. Now we will settle down to the business of getting on with life and figuring out where to put all the Christmas presents. It's going to be good.

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