Monday, February 18, 2019

Emerging Into the Light

I spent the weekend and today doing everything and nothing. Resting but accomplishing things. It has been absolutely lovely. It occurred to me today that since September, I've had something major for which I was responsible on the horizon constantly. Sometimes the responsibility was shared in some way, but as the family planner and the organizer for some other things, quite a lot of responsibility for making sure things happen rests on my shoulders. So we went on vacation, we went to the US, we had a lot going on up to Christmas, we had Genna, it was E's birthday, there were some parish council meetings thrown in, a few other important church things, plus the usual demands of home education, the homeschool group I facilitate, etc. It was all overlapping.

And now, with E's big party done and the work of this past week done, there is nothing big looming on my schedules. I've even done the necessary work to file our taxes! I can relax, knowing that nothing urgent is going undone. There is time again. Time to rest, time to do things, time to leave things undone if I want. And there is also light. I can't deny that this helps as well. The sun is up around 7am now, so I'm not fighting with the dark to be out of bed by 8:30. (Yes, I do realize that it is a luxury to have my goal for getting out of bed be 8:30. It is a full on gift to this night owl, and I am aware of my good fortune in this.) I don't feel at 4pm that it is already night. I can see to get dinner started without turning on the kitchen light. It's feels amazing! One of the gifts of the shorter days is that the lighter ones feel like a miracle.

Also in the category of "feels like a miracle" are some little, silly things. I have found sneakers that I truly love which fit me well and were on sale to boot. We started getting a local veg box, and my kids are excited to see what is in it each week and even to try new things. I got my grocery vouchers from the loyalty scheme, and friends! I am going to save so much money on my groceries this month! It feels good, all of it.

So, so good.

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