Friday, February 15, 2019

Let the Mess Rest

In my last post, I said that I'd come back and let you know if Friday's activities included pajamas. I am sad to report that the answer is mostly no, as we did end up leaving the house today. We are checking in on our neighbor every day for a little while, as her son is out of town for work, and she needs both extra company and a bit of help sometimes. I'm sure she would've just thought it was funny if I showed up in pajamas, but I decided that the rest of the neighbors might make other judgments.

On the upside, because I was getting dressed anyway, the opportunity presented itself to wear some things I hadn't worn in awhile and see if they were still workable for me. Because my wardrobe space is small, sometimes things get pushed to the back of a compartment or get otherwise lost in between other garments. I had a pair of jeans and a top that I'd forgotten about entirely. I'm pleased to report that both still fit fine, have not developed any new moth holes or become otherwise disfigured, and will be back in rotation now that I've remembered they exist.

Besides visiting our neighbor, there were a few other things I needed to do today, but I decided that on the whole the day should be one of relaxation. The house is a mess, and so this was a bit hard for me. Every room I went into, I saw things that needed to be tidied. But I think we all know that I'm no Marie Kondo, and I made a conscious decision to let the mess rest, and let myself rest as well. All the cats got lap naps. The kids had the read aloud portion of their schoolwork attended to. And I got what was necessary done, but I got to be still a lot, too. It was what I needed today.

These last three or so weeks have been solidly busy. Last night's meeting had me out until nearly 11pm, and I had a hard time turning my brain off afterwards. It was lovely getting into bed knowing that today I would have a bit more space in my life today to do things a bit more slowly, and to ignore some things altogether. The weekend will hold errands, but also time at home, during which I can catch up on the things that got neglected today. It's all about the balance, really. I'm happy that today worked out the way that it did.

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