Monday, August 27, 2018

24-Month Gouda Taste on a Tesco Cheddar Budget

This is one of the times of year we really feel the budgetary pinch of living in London on a single income. We're paying class fees for the term, and there are a couple of other annual expenses that come due at this time. I've been trying to earn a little money myself to give us some budgetary wiggle room, but nothing has worked out so far that suits our family needs. Our kids will only be kids once, and the priority is making the best choices for their present and their future. At the moment, that means that finding work I can do while still being the primary caregiver and educator is a bit tricky. And that's okay. I may not be able to afford the good cheese now, but someday I will be able to. And for now? There are free samples.

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