Thursday, August 9, 2018


The unbearable heat has passed us by, at least for now. The photo above was taken on the second to last day of the heat, the day I got a little touch of heat exhaustion and had to lie in front of two fans for three hours, nauseated and dizzy. In the winter, when I am having a moan about being cold and it being so very dark all the time, I want to remember the day that I literally could not sit up because of what the heat did to me. Then I will feel thankful to simply be cold.

The forecast for the next week looks manageable, and we've even had rain. If the heat returns before the summer is through, I have a plan. It involves not doing much. Quesadillas made in the waffle iron for dinner. Saying no to the park which has just one shade tree. Ignoring any cries of "I'm booooooored." I'll pull rank for that one - my children can be bored in order that I won't end up incapacitated. It is more than fair. I'll even order their favorite snacks when I arrange for the grocery delivery. See? More than fair. Everyone gets to be somewhat happy, if not entirely so.



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