Friday, August 10, 2018

The Feet Seat

I've been thinking lately of things that are part of our normal that are slowly fading away. This is one of my favorites - the feet seat. It's just a place to sit when my children are too tired to stand, and there's nothing else available. I offer a small part of myself for their comfort. But Z has mostly outgrown this - her five foot tall frame doesn't balance as well on my feet, even though they are generously sized. Sitting on my lap isn't very comfortable either. So only E takes the feet seat or the lap seat now. Oh, I know there are other ways to snuggle up to me; Z has shown me that it is possible to adapt to offer physical comfort even for big kids. But I'll miss this part of motherhood, when a little girl's whole world could be contained in the space I look down into as I wait for a train.

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