Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This Year Will Be Better Than Last Year (We Hope)

In less than a week, we head out for a much needed holiday in Nice. Yes, again. I've written before about why we keep going back, and those reasons still stand. Nice is both exciting and relaxing. Even when E was just a toddler, as in the photo above (see her foot extending out of the stroller?) it was a good trip to make. There is everything and nothing to do. I like that. It is familiar to us. I like that, too, and so do my children. It is a comfortable trip. There's nothing wrong with adventure, but these days I like to relax when I am getting away from the hustle and bustle of my usual life. So I am very much looking forward to our upcoming trip, and partly because last year's trip wasn't all we'd hoped it would be.

Last year, on our first full day in Nice, E took a dive into the side of the coffee table at the flat we were renting for the week and ended up with three stitches in the bridge of her nose. That meant that she couldn't go into the sea and had to be careful when playing in the fountains, as her nose was supposed to stay dry. We also had to change the bandages twice daily, and there was stress at the end regarding whether we needed to try to get stitches removed in France or if we could wait until we got home. (We spoke with our own GP and waited until we got home.) This year, we are staying in the same flat, but I've got a plan for a little furniture rearrangement that will make it nearly impossible for anyone to go careening into the coffee table. Fingers crossed that it works.

We will begin packing tomorrow, and now we are looking back at what we've loved to do, and we are looking forward to doing some of those same things again. We have a breakfast we like to make which involves a particular cheese we can only get in France. We will make up for lost time and let everyone get fully wet in the sea and in the fountains. We may see about designing our own perfume. I am hoping to go to a museum - it's been ages since I've visited the Musee des Beaux Arts, but I'd happily spend some time with Matisse or Chagall again. We will get ice cream every night.

It's going to be marvelous.

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