Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Coming Home

It's just one week before we will be in the USA. For most of the visit, we will be staying where I grew up. My parents have a farm, and when we stay with them, our kids have a lot of freedom to roam and be outdoors. It's a nice change of pace, and a benefit to being so far away from home for a short time. (The other main benefit is Target. I mean, aside from seeing people that we love.) I look for these benefits, because this trip feels like a big undertaking. It feels somehow harder than other trips we've taken back to the USA, and I really don't know why.

Or maybe I do, and it's too complicated to type it out. The USA is just not a place I'm interested in visiting right now. I think we can leave it at that. (For now.) But I am glad to travel to celebrate my parents managing to be married for half a century. I am glad that we will see friends and family, who we love. I am glad that our kids will get to trick or treat in America and get so much candy that they will be fully stocked with treats for a month (or at least for the flights back).

I am glad that, at the end of it all, we will get to come home. When we are in Missouri, many people will ask me what it feels like to be home, and I will just smile and say it's good. They will assume I am talking about Missouri, because that is where I come from. But I'll be talking about London. This is where we've made our home. Even though we haven't left yet, I'm already looking forward to the moment walk back through our own front door.

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