Thursday, October 11, 2018

This is Basically a Countdown Now

I put a photo of our Teddy sleeping at the top of this post because I am tired. That's the only reason; this post is not at all about cats. It is six days until our trip to the USA. I've been preparing for it for far longer than the actual trip will last. This is what usually happens when we travel, but especially when it's a trip to see family and friends. There's a lot to coordinate; I forgot how much. But things that need to be done here in London while we are gone are all arranged (or will be once I hand over the homeschool group materials tomorrow), and I think there are just a few more things I need to attend to in terms of what must occur while we are in the USA. I don't think I've overlooked anything essential, but if you are a Kansas City friend waiting to hear from me, you may or may not have heard from me yet. Sorry about that.

Tomorrow I'll pull out the suitcases and begin that part of the packing. With a busy weekend ahead, and hair to do on Monday and Tuesday, it needs to be done well in advance for the sake of my peace of mind. On Wednesday morning I want to just wake up, put on my travel outfit (yes, I have a travel outfit), and walk downstairs to grab the suitcases we've gotten packed and placed in the hall. I am not a morning person; I do not want to leave anything to chance when we need to get to the airport on time. So tomorrow, I will pack as much as possible. Then I'll make a list of the things which need to be put in the night before, after which I'll make a second list of things which must be popped into my carryon that morning (my phone and charger, mainly, but there are always a few more things I've not thought of).

I packed my carryon already, as it's the one that holds the important things like passports, residence cards, flight itineraries, and copies of documents they may request to see at passport control. We have been asked once for adoption documents, and we didn't have them, believing the children's passports to be enough. They let us go, but we got a reprimand and were told we had to produce them in the future if we are asked. So I have a binder into which I put copies of everything. I know, tech people, I know that I could just put digital files on my phone. But once we had a situation in which a phone was relied upon for something I'd wanted to print, and that situation was very stressful for me, and now I print everything, I'm not sorry, the end.

I think that the lead up to a trip is the hardest part. Once we are on the plane, it will feel less stressful. Until then, expect me to continue my countdown and keep you up to date with my trip preparation progress. You are thrilled, I can tell. You're welcome.

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