Monday, October 15, 2018

Yes, It's Another Cat Photo

Two days until we leave. The cats are not impressed with our packing efforts. They weren't born yesterday; they know what this means. No warm humans on which to nap throughout the day! It's just terrible.

I've entered the part of trip prep at which I must come to a place of acceptance about the fact that we are leaving our house dirty and a bit messy. As usual. But I always have such high hopes that this time will be the time that we get it together and leave with the house in decent condition. We used to do this. I mean, before we had kids. So. Eight years to come to a place of full acceptance of this reality, and still I struggle.  I am only human.

This is also the part of trip prep where we all get a bit snappish at one another, and at least one kid cries a lot about something small. We've got two weeks planned that will be crammed full of seeing people we love in various locations. This is good, but it's also stressful. We feel the weight of expectations which may or may not even exist. I think this is normal, all part and parcel to the whole living abroad experience. We will carry on. We will get on the flight, and our kids will fry their brains on the in flight screen experience. So will J and I, most likely. And it will be okay. There will be beds waiting for us at the other end of the journey. We can do it!

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