Monday, October 1, 2018

Better Expectations

Today was much better than last Monday. I no longer feel betrayed by Monday. Will Monday be my BFF again? Sadly, not this term. It was still a full day, and I really hate that we don't have dinner and wind down from there, but instead have to get to and from an activity, then eat a bit more, then get down to business with baths and bedtime. However, today went just fine, and I can chalk that up to just one thing: adjusting my expectations.

I decided this morning that my only goals for today would be to get our book work done, visit our neighbor, and get the kids fed and out the door in time to get to E's ballet class on time. Anything else that happened to get done would be a bonus. No pressure. And also, no laundry. I can't do laundry on Mondays anymore. I will not expect to be able to do it.

Without the pressure to get a lot done, I ended up doing a lot that I hadn't planned on doing. Eliminating the rushing around and the feeling of being behind on things made the extra tasks I did go more smoothly. And I could stop whenever I felt like it was enough. I got dishes done. I picked a ridiculous amount of green tomatoes (more on plans for that later, if they work out and I feel like sharing). I made my epsom salt spray and put it away where it actually goes. I'm not going to lie, when I am in a rush, things get left out a lot. But not today!

I won't guarantee that every Monday - or any day, really - will go as well as today did. It's not always possible to keep my expectations in check. But today went well. I'll take it.

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