Friday, October 12, 2018

Eat or Freeze It

So now this is a trip countdown and cat photo blog. And they're not even good cat photos - I hope you can handle it. Five days until we leave for the USA, and today was the day I started making my family eat all the leftover food we have. What we can't eat, I hope to freeze. I'm trying to figure out if I can freeze double cream. The verdict is...maybe. So I'm thinking I should just whip it and we can have whipped cream on all the stale cookies that are languishing at the back of the cupboard. Dessert at every meal! Have some more whipped cream!

We are trying to waste less food overall, so this is good practice for us. We are gradually doing better, but I still feel like we let too many things go bad in our refrigerator. The key to getting this right is threefold, as I see it. First, I need to better estimate how much we will eat; sometimes I just make too much. Second, we all need to be more willing to eat leftovers, and by "we all" I mean the other three people in this house, because by virtue of wanting to eat quickly and not have to prepare anything, I eat leftovers directly from the container with a fork every single day. Third, I need to freeze things which we obviously will not eat straightaway. Even fresh fruit and veg can be made into things that can be frozen. I don't mind sending some things to the compost bin, but we can do better. We'll start now.

And then we'll go away for two weeks and start over when we get back. The goal is not only to do better about not wasting food, but to start some good new habits with our shopping as well. Tesco delivery serves us well for many things, but the plastic packaging is way over the top. We get a few things from a zero waste grocery delivery service already, and I intend to start getting a seasonal veg box delivered either weekly or semi-weekly. This is something I've meant to do since we moved here, and then life got in the way. But now we're ready.

First though - it's just five days until we leave, and I've got to run a few errands tomorrow, teach Sunday School on Sunday, and do a couple of big hairstyles on Monday and Tuesday. I'll leave the plans for after we return on the list I've already got on my desk for that purpose and proceed with what I've got to do right now.

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